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little ones newborn baby toddler child photographer bournemouth dorset

Hello! Thank you for visiting my little home in cyberspace.

My name is Dani and I'm a portrait photographer specialising in newborn, baby and child photography.

If you're looking for a baby photographer to 'stop the clock' and freeze your Little One's beauty and personality in time, I can help. 

I create stunning, bright, uncluttered photos in which your newborn, baby, toddler or child is the star of the show.

Props and gimmicks aren't really my thing. Keeping things simple is what I'm all about. You can find out some more about me here.

Alternatively, just scroll down to learn more about my baby and child photography or take a look at my galleries to see more examples of my work.

If you like what you see, drop me a line to book your photo shoot.


* My Photography *

My clients come to me for a breath of fresh air. No gimmicks. No fuss. I have a minimalist yet meticulous approach to baby and child photography.

But don't worry, I make sure there's a healthy dose of fun at every shoot.

Toys, bubbles, songs and snacks all come as standard at a photo shoot with me! 

My goal is simply for you to smile every time you see your children's portraits and want to display them in your home.

little ones newborn baby child photography bournemouth dorset

* my Little Ones Photography Galleries *

Have a browse through the different galleries to see some of the different baby and child portraits that I've done.

I pride myself out of getting the best out of the most reluctant of subjects, big and small and even the very teeny tiny.

You'll notice I love faces and little features like teeny toes, long eyelashes and squidgy fingers!

I love all expressions - not just cheesy smiles. My baby and child photography celebrates little personalities.


* Contact Dani *

If you like what you see and would like to get in touch or book a photo shoot, please drop me a line or send me an email. 

If you're curious about the cost of a baby or child portrait photography shoot you can find out more here.